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Therefore, I’m going to explain how to get unlimited resources in just 3 minutes.

firstly, open the hack tool, click here!

after that, enter your username, and select the amount of resources to get.

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best tips for zepeto

ZEPETO is an game that can be used in multiple ways, in one way it can be used as a avatars and emoticons, and the epic characteristic is that it is based in your photo.

the first tip is that: take yourself a good selfie!.

second tip: try to have few selfies in your gallery, this will help you to have different options.

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  4. furniture.
  5. clothes.

zepeto apk hack minimum requirements

the minimum requirements to run this android/ios/desktop.

Most importantly, you can run it in Chrome, Firefox or Safari.
in addition, Have 512 MB of assigned browser memory if you use Firefox.
64-bit operating system.

the steps to get your Free Coins are very simple: 1.) firstly, enter link above 2.) secondly, Enter your Zepeto username 3.) thirdly, Choose the number of Coins / Followers to generate 4.) Complete the human verification(s) if needed 5.) resources are sent to account .6) Enjoy.


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